Thursday, August 9, 2012


Translated by: Dr. Mary Annie A.V.

When it rains take inside and keep
The chillies the coffee seeds.
With this simple command begins the day
Of a lonely person.

In a decisive game of expectancy
Between him and the rain
The day ends in a negligible draw.

A lonely day remembers everyday
In which the house was drawn in.
A lonely house remembers every house
that has drawn in the day .

Like the sight of the dragon fly
caught in the web
and carried away by the spider
Being taken and kept in the room
the house carries the wind
and places it within
as if it is me .

Taken and kept
are the clouds by the sky
The rain by the clouds
The mist by the atmosphere
The rivulets by the deep .

Seasons have been taken and placed
by seasons O mother !
From early times the micro and the macro
have been taken and kept.!

Take it by yourself.
Other than that
The infinite and the eternal
like all forms
that cannot be taken
Say not take and keep.

Or else
Can I be taken and placed back in the womb? no.

Why have I been placed within me
like all others as if on a screen
in this ordinary world ?

I will take myself and keep me
this world in me ,

If not, O Universe,
like a moment an atom
destroyed by being taken and kept
taken and kept
like the portrait of the memory of a father
taken and kept on the verandah
who will take us ,
to be kept,?

when you leave the town
Remind me not
To take in and keep in
The blankets spread out
The copper vessels
Lest they be carried away
by the beggars that come.

Life is only
that has been
taken placed and kept.

Or else
as the wayside says,
there is nothing to be taken out
and kept..

I proclaim :
Nothing Nothing
And place myself
In an ordinary simplicity.

Who will take and keep in
The house that sprouts
The ecstasy of a tasteless draw?

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